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Our processing

At vintage time we collect the picked grapes into harvesting cases, and we transport them to our processing site by our own van. The grapes will be poured into a grape-crushing-and-stalk-removing machine, where wine-shoots shall be stemmed. From the machine we put them into a collecting tank and then, after several hours of steeping we put them into the automatic pressing machine. After having settled the virgin must will be transferred (pumped) into stainless fermenting tanks, whereof after some kind of noisy maturation activity it finally will be cleared in oak-casks. Here, additively to the fruity, scented aroma, there will appear
some very unique faint, burnt-oak-barrel scent too. All means and tools of the processing technology are modern and are our own properties. After clarification and filtering the cleared wine will be transferred to the bottling house. Bottling is always completed by a specialized professional company.



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