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The history of the wine region documented since 1561 has proved that wine Growing has always been taken up within the determined triangle of Tokaj Region, i.e. the three tent-like-hills (Tokaj Hill, Sator-Hill of Abaujszantó, and the Sátor Hill of Sátoraljaújhely). The Tokaj wine region has been preserved since 1737 when - by a royal decree - it was declared an exclusive wine reserve first time int he world. The area has unique conditions both geohistorical and geographical aspects. The detrited rock-forming mineral stones originated from volcanic and post-volcanic activities have been resulted different kinds of soil types. These
have had special effects to soil like productiveness, mineralia extracts, having different properties like heat absorbing, heat accummulating and heat reflection. The favourable situated sunny slopes, the vicinity of the rivers Bodrog and Tisza, and the long-lasting autumn , all resulting very beneficial climatic conditions.
Thanks to the specific micro-climate there, on the walls of cellars regularly appears an exclusive cellar mould named Cladosporium Cellare, which has beneficial effect ont he maturation process while winemaking. In addition it is to mention as a high value that ont he surrounding hills there are planted many lines of sessile oak trees which count as excellent basic material for cooperage. The maturation process of wine (oxidative maturation) is significantly influenced by wood quality of the barrel and has favourable effect on its aroma and colour. Abaujszántó most probably int he 18th century too, has been considered as a border castle of the wine region. By now Abaujszántó is town, located int he Borsod-Abauj-Zemplén County, int he Northern Range of Mountains, on the Western side of Zemplén Highlands, in the Southern corner of Abauj, near to the Hungarian-Slovakian stateborder, ont he left bank of River Hernád. It is distanced 6O kms from Miskolc, the
countrytown, while it is 45 kms only from Kassa, the former countytown. The settlement can be found in a nice walley surrounded by the volcanic Zemplén Mountains (Sátor Hill, Krakkó Hill, Fehér Hill, Gyűr Peak). Abaujszántó is the initial settlement of Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Region, and thanks to the special properties and characters of local soil and the metabolic effects of grape fungus, wine cultivation have long become great tradition.

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